la felicidad - to happiness sign

No Rules. Just Right.

I lived the first half of my life by the rules. I studied
hard in school. I focused on work and advancing my career. I followed social
norms and protocols. I did the best I could to do everything “right.”  Then somewhere along the line, I realized
there are no rules.

My husband and I often jokingly say, “I don’t make the rules,”
when we expect the other to do something they don’t want to or when we request
something to our benefit. “I don’t make the rules” means this is just how
things are, ignore that it is completely and utterly in my favor. Just because
it is a benefit to me doesn’t mean that I created the rule. But don’t we all
create our own rules?

Some people create rules that benefit themselves. Other
drivers should give them the right of way. They should get the next promotion
because they have “put in their time.” Everyone should treat me fairly because
I strive to treat them fairly.

Some people create rules because they expect struggle.
Nothing ever goes my way. I never have enough money. People are going to hurt
me. Whether beneficial or worrisome, we are still creating our own
expectations. We are creating rules for life. But in reality, there are no

la felicidad - to happiness sign
Photo by Cesira Alvarado on Unsplash

I think I first started to awaken to this as I got out into
the world. The ways of life I learned in childhood were not absolute. Not
everyone believed in the same religion. Not everyone grew up in a Suburb of
Chicago with Midwest manners and extreme weather. Not everyone had the same
career goals or the same description of success. This concept really gelled
with me as I changed careers. I spent my early years focused on theatre. The
goal was to make it to Broadway, or at least to get enough steady work to eat
while fulfilling the passion to create. Then I landed a position at a company
that created amusement park attractions. Suddenly there were new influential
players, new definitions of success, a new language, and new viewpoints. I then
moved to direct marketing and then to product marketing in four vastly
different industries. Each time there were new rules, new expectations, new
languages and culture, new definitions of success, and new assumptions of how
to act.

Through all this I finally learned and began to accept that
there are no hard, fast rules. No labels. No shoulds. At first it was a bit
terrifying, as if the ground I was standing upon was no longer there. Then it
was freeing. I now had the power to create life as I desired. Have you had this
mid-life “unraveling” as Brené Brown calls it? Have you stopped to
look at the rules you have agreed to? Have you explored if they are working for
you – or not? Have you looked into new ways to live?

Take a step back. Write down the beliefs you have about what
life and work are all about. Define what success looks like. Define your
expectations for daily life. Then toss out what does not serve you. Start
writing new rules. What do you want to see and create in life? Don’t be swayed
by what was, what is currently, or what others believe. What do you want? Then
take baby steps toward accepting and moving toward your own set of rules.

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